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Mindfulness & Meditation 8-Week Intro Course
Starts Sunday 22nd March 7pm

All Us Men Bournemouth Retreat
Saturday 4th April

Authentic Writing Through Mindfulness Workshop
Saturday 2nd May

Inner Peace & Confidence Day Retreat for Mums
Saturday 20th June

British Wheel of Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop
Essex – Saturday 14th November

Welcome to Mindfulness Bournemouth – provider of mindfulness training and coaching across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Dedicated to helping local people gain more happiness and freedom through mindfulness and meditation practices. Discover more about mindfulness.

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Mindfulness is primarily about awareness – being aware of what we experience. Bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts and things coming in through the senses. Awareness leads to acceptance, a peaceful mind, and skilful action. When we’re mindful and in the present moment, we’re aligned and in harmony with what is.

The opposite to being mindful is being ‘lost in thought’. When we’re lost in thought, we’re resisting our present moment experience – leading to stress and unskillfulness. Mindfulness practice helps us become less lost in thought and more mindful. Mindfulness is cultivated over time. And the good news is that even small mindfulness improvements yield big benefits. When we intentionally live in the present moment, we enjoy what the world’s offering at that point in time, rather than looking behind us or to the future for happiness. 

I’m passionate about mindfulness as it’s helped me tremendously. I enjoy training people and helping them make positive changes in their lives; suffering less and experiencing greater levels of peace and happiness 🙂 You can learn more about my approach and experience here.

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I sincerely hope that you’ll reach out and allow me to help you on your journey. Thank you so much for visiting the site and connecting. 

Darren Cockburn – Founder and Trainer at Mindfulness Bournemouth

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