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Hi there!! I’m Darren Cockburn, founder of Mindfulness Bournemouth – dedicated to helping people gain more happiness and freedom through mindfulness and meditation practices. Mindfulness practice has transformed my life, and the lives of thousands of people I’ve had the honour of helping. I’m passionate about guiding people to live in the present moment and cultivate a peaceful mind – through books, the media, coaching, training and music. I believe mindfulness teachings work well when they’re practical, simple and clear.



I’m the author of two acclaimed mindfulness books that are published and distributed all over the world by global publishers Findhorn Press & Inner Traditions. The books are endorsed and supported by internationally leading teachers including Esther Ekhart (founder of leading yoga training organisation) and Steve Taylor (ranked 20th most living spiritually influential person in the world by Watkins Mind Body Spirit). 



Drawing upon over twenty years of mindfulness and meditation experience, I’ve enjoyed training and coaching people from organisations of all sizes including personal 121 sessions, British Wheel of Yoga teachers, Buddhist centres, and people working at all levels in corporate businesses. Please refer to the endorsements page to hear from people I’ve worked with.


Online Training

I’m founder of the Mindfulness Online Training web site providing access to a range of free mindfulness digital resources and podcast. Recently Kindred Sprit, the UK’s leading Mind-Body-Spirit magazine nominated me for the 2019 “emerging voices” award. My work has been featured in leading mainstream magazines and I’ve supported various broadcasters including the BBC


Passionate & Caring

If you decide to speak to me or meet me, you’ll realise that I’m absolutely passionate about mindfulness – it’s helped me tremendously! Teaching mindfulness to others is an act of gratitude and it feels great. I’m also passionate about Bournemouth. So it’s an honour to be able to combine these two passions with Mindfulness Bournemouth. I genuinely care about my clients. Yes, I work to create an income, but what’s far more important to me is to see people making positive changes in their lives; suffering less and experiencing more peace and happiness 🙂


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