About Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is primarily about awareness – being aware of what we experience. Bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts and things coming in through the senses. Awareness leads to acceptance, a peaceful mind, and skilful action. When we’re mindful and in the present moment, we’re aligned and in harmony with what is.

Here’s a discussion I had with Lou Hannon from BBC Radio Solent introducing mindfulness…


What are the benefits?

Make a decision to attend a Mindfulness Bournemouth course or sign up to some coaching, and you’ll be open to enjoying a range of mindfulness benefits including: 

  • Helps relieve stress and depression
  • Enhances your happiness and well being
  • Reduces anxiety through cultivating calmness
  • Enhances positivity
  • Quietens a busy mind
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Better relationships and listening skills
  • Increases your resilience and acceptance of active health issues
  • Reduces the likelihood of future health issues
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Brings about acceptance of self, others and situations
  • Greater creativity and problem solving
  • Higher levels of presence and awareness of yourself and others

People who attend my programmes or take a coaching programme report a “life changing” transformation in their awareness and mindset – their minds are more peaceful and their lives are happier! 🙂 


Being “mindful” versus being “lost in thought”

The opposite of being mindful is being lost in thought. When we’re lost in thought, we’re resisting our present moment experience – leading to stress and unskillfulness. Mindfulness practice helps us become less lost in thought and more mindful. Mindfulness is cultivated over time. And the good news is that even small mindfulness improvements yield big benefits. When we intentionally live in the present moment, we enjoy what the world’s offering at that point in time, rather than looking behind us or to the future for happiness. 


How does meditation help?

Everyone learns how to meditate within my mindfulness training. Meditation is one of the best methods for cultivating mindfulness. It can also be very enjoyable. I can help you install a personal meditation practice that will be sustained and benefit you over the longer term. We also work together so that you can integrate mindfulness and meditation spontaneously into everyday activities. 


Does the way I live my life make a difference?

In order to be more mindful, it’s helpful to make positive changes to our life situation and behaviours. If we set ourselves up in the right way, it’s easier to be mindful. It wouldn’t be right to tell you what you need to do in your life – that’s up to you! There is some general guidance though, based on the 7 Guidelines from my book Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness. These guidelines are a synthesis of various teachings that you’ll find in buddhism, yoga philosophy, Eckhart Tolle’s teachings and my own insights. They cover areas like kindness, simplicity, understanding the truth, communication and how to use digital devices (like your phone) consciously.


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