“Darren is one of the most genuine, friendly, wise, and kindest people I know. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and teachings as widely as possible, and is incredibly generous with his time. As a beginner in mindfulness & meditation techniques I’ve been especially grateful for Darrens gentle introductions to personal growth and awareness. His willingness to listen to me, and discuss a wide variety of subjects, without judgement, has personally encouraged me greatly. He also makes me laugh…which is always a bonus lol” Debbie, Bournemouth

“This is a great course, I’ve found it very valuable. Darren offers a lovely safe space to practice what we learn.” Erin, Bournemouth

“Over the last 4 months I’ve started on a new journey. Well, it’s a journey I’ve dipped in and out of over the past several years, but it’s the first time I’ve committed to making a real change. As much as some people think I look relaxed from the outside, in my head I was living at a million miles an hour! I couldn’t relax…

…Despite actually having a lot of time, I didn’t clear any time to just ‘be’. I felt stressed and angry all the time. I couldn’t relax. And everyone around me suffered..especially my family and girlfriend. I wasn’t living ‘skilfully’ as I was living my life in my head (I was unintentionally being a guy I really wasn’t proud of).

Now this is a big shoutout to my mentor and friend Darren Cockburn who’s introduced me to another way of living. It’s not mumbo jumbo, airy fairy or religious in anyway (if that’s not your style…I know it’s not mine!)…I’ve discovered that I’m actually far more productive by being less busy, getting out of my head and being more present to every NOW moment.

This is just the start of my journey, and by no means have I come anywhere near close to mastering this skill (although I don’t think you ever reach that status unless you’re the Dalai Lama!) but I’ve noticed how much of a difference it’s made to me already..I’m so excited to carry on this journey to being a better person..and I wanted to share it with you just in case you’re feeling the same as I did.”

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Gail from Bournemouth

“I had the pleasure of attending Darren’s talk at the British Wheel of Yoga Congress recently. I was immediately inspired by his presence and energy. His way of expressing mindfulness is so accessible, so beautifully formulated for all to grasp and absorb. I very much look forward to reading Darren’s new book and learning more through his teachings.”

“The course was an extremely helpful reminder for me in a number of ways. It will help me shape my life more skilfully so I can become the best version of me that is possible. I already enjoy life more fully and will continue to cultivate!”
Theresa, Bournemouth, UK

“I highly recommend this course. The benefits are clearly visible not only for myself, but for my fellow students. Many of us started the course feeling challenged with our own issues and by the end of the course we were all relaxed and more confidence in ourselves and in dealing with our daily challenges”
Louise, Ferndown, UK

“Concise and informative, incorporating the main themes of mindfulness practice. Encouraging interaction with Darren and with each other, and reflection on one’s own development throughout the course”
Dennis, Bournemouth, UK

“As a busy business woman, I find I’m constantly on the go and rarely take the time to be present and in the now. Following this 8-week course with Darren I now feel a state of zen I’ve never experienced before. I highly recommend busy people take the time to slow down with meditation and mindfulness and recommend Darren as the person to help”
Tara, Bournemouth, UK

“Highly recommend this course. Excellence teaching and venue. Has really helped me move forward with my mindfulness practice :)”
Gemma, Bournemouth, UK

“The course has had a HUGE impact on my life and I’ve learned so much from Darren. I look forward to continuing my meditation and mindfulness practice and continuing to grow. Thank you!”
Claire, Bournemouth, UK

“The course has been brilliant. I was sceptical at first, but it is one of the best things I have ever done”

“It is amazing how after only six weeks I feel and act so calmly”

“Thank you to Darren and Zoe for a great day’s guiding of mindfulness, meditation and thoughtful asana practise. And thank you for your openness, honesty and sense of humour! A day well-spent.” Anotnia

“Has helped immensely with anxiety”

“It was a great workshop, very well organised and high quality teaching, content and practice” Sara

“Meeting and sharing experiences with other group members has been satisfying”

“I have become a better listener”

“I have experienced an increased acceptance of some of life’s significant difficulties”

“I am more joyful and appreciative of the present”

“The Mindfulness sessions have made a considerable difference in my everyday life”

“The Mindfulness course has been responsible for ensuring that I have a daily meditation practice”

“Very informative and thought provoking day” Maureen

“I attended one of Darren’s groups for a number of months and found myself looking forward to it each week. We would study spiritual texts and then have the opportunity to discuss our views in what felt to be a “safe” environment.

Darren had a way of facilitating the sessions so that each person felt involved and “listened” to on an individual basis. He would also gently encourage those who struggled in a group situation or felt less articulate. I also noticed the confidence of the group grow and flourish over the weeks due to the excellent facilitation and the group support.”

“In Bournemouth, we are very privileged to have this facility, and Darren has such a kind and thoughtful approach to his teaching. I went along to a group, and it was immediately apparent that Darren has just the right approach for this kind of work. The evening is well organised, with a clear structure, and a gentle reminder at the beginning of each session about certain codes of behaviour, such as showing respect for others in the group by allowing them to finish what they are saying without interrupting. It was a very supportive atmosphere, and Darren led by example, always with extreme kindness and sensitivity.”

“I met with Darren whilst working in a very challenging high pressured environment. He challenged my self-perception, my self-doubt and instructed me towards a calm logical measured approach to my work.

Darren introduced me to the principles of mindfulness meditation, which have changed my life. I use the mindfulness technique every day, to regroup, calm and direct my thoughts and actions. I find the breathing technique one of the most powerful simple tools to use ,to aid rest, but also to give clarity and concentration into a meeting/presentation situation. Mindfulness has also given me the self-control and awareness to manage my weight and diet, resulting in a large weight loss and cessation of alcohol consumption.

I am a health professional and have shared the techniques taught to me to successfully help the patients I treat who are suffering with stress and anxiety.”

“Darren successfully combines many aspects that make him a great teacher. He listens intently to others and uses his years of experience and personal spiritual development to provide insights and helpful suggestions. His ability to fully focus on the conversation taking place allows Darren to ask open questions with the goal of bringing out underlying issues and advancing the spiritual progress of his students.

His calm, kind manner and consistent focus on living in the present moment make him a pleasure to be around. My personal experience with Darren has consisted both of personal coaching sessions and attending his classes. In both arenas I have found him to offer a welcoming and open environment focused on helping others quieten the noise in their minds and lead happier lives.”

“The moment that I first met Darren, I recognised the kind, compassionate soul that he is.

I found his class to be extremely beneficial. I found that through talking, I learned more myself & helped others understand the teachings better.

Darren was always very encouraging towards the class & as well as being patient, I saw a very realistic side to him as well. I found that his book was particularly good at taking the teachings of other spiritual teachers like Siddhārtha Gautama & Eckhart Tolle, and presenting, developing & building upon their concepts, to help us live peacefully in this modern world.

Consequently, I found that his class was very well organised & thanks to his precepts, it flowed well without any distractions. I was particularly interested in the energy level in the room – it was dialled right up.

Talking over points adds clarity & like many things in life you have to say them out loud to make them become real. Talking it through in a group enabled to group to share individual insights.

I can’t thank Darren enough for devoting his personal time towards helping others & for being patient, encouraging & compassionate at all times.”

“Darren is a wonderful teacher and writer-authentic, dedicated and clear. I enjoyed our time together” Rev. Paul John Roach 


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