Mindfulness at Work


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Mindfulness at Work

Quality mindfulness training and coaching transforms the effectiveness and wellbeing of employees. How does it do that? Through raising awareness of our personal experience – what’s coming in through the senses, feelings and thoughts. We become more aware and less lost in our thoughts and emotions. This empowers employees to care for themselves, increase productivity, enhance relationships, more concentrated, and become clearer thinkers.

Having practiced mindfulness at work myself for over twenty years and delivered mindfulness training programmes to hundreds employees, I’ve experienced first hand what a difference it makes. And this motivates me to deliver the best training for organisations. I can work with employees through 121 coaching, taster sessions, deliver programmes, workshops, and train groups of any size. 


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Regardless of the shape, size or type of business, mindfulness interventions contribute towards the following benefits for employees and ultimately the business:

  • Clearer and calmer minds leading to clarity of thought and better decision making
  • Increased wellbeing and happiness
  • Enhanced focus and concentration leading to higher productivity
  • Less procrastination and more delivery
  • Increased awareness and management of health leading to lower absence levels
  • More positivity amongst employees and how the business projects his services
  • Higher quality of products and services
  • Better communication and relationships between employees
  • Stronger customer and supplier relationships
  • Greater awareness and understanding of situations and issues
  • More effective leadership and management
  • Greater creativity and problem solving
  • Increased personal resilience


Why work with Darren?

Coaching Experience  – You’ll benefit from my two decades of coaching experience and successful track record. I’ve received coaching awards and published articles for The Coaching Academy. Many small businesses have grown and flourished as a result of my coaching interventions. I’ve also delivered many corporate coaching sessions and programmes up to CEO level.

Mindfulness Expertise – I can help you with your mindfulness learning and practice. I’m a recognised mindfulness expert and founder of the Mindfulness Online Training web site and podcast. My two acclaimed books are full of mindfulness guidance and tips. I’m regularly invited to give informative interviews and talks on mindfulness. You’ll also find my articles in leading mind-body-spirit magazines and web sites. I’ve transformed hundreds of people through corporate and business-based mindfulness training and programmes.

Business Knowledge – I can help you by drawing upon my personal experience developing and running several successful small businesses including a coaching practice and consultancy business. I’ve produced strategies, business plans and marketing plans for businesses of all sizes, and managed change and transformation. I can relate to corporate life, having held senior management roles and directorships across a range of organisations (including FTSE 100) of different sizes and from multiple sectors including retail, construction, education and financial services. My programme and project management experience helps me to help you take a structured approach to any business transition or project. I also hold an MBA (with distinction) from Nottingham University.


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